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Reading ClubTM (K2-P6)


We use Learner-Centered Teaching Approach which emphasizes on a variety of different types of methods that shifts the role of the instructors from givers of information to facilitating student learning. Learner-Centered Teachers do not employ a single teaching method.

Our centre is dedicated to working with children and families to best meet your child’s needs. 

InInTown is excited to announce Reading Club, a literacy program for early readers. With interactive fun games, great songs and lots of rewards, InInTown Reading Club is a great place to set kids up with positive attitudes about reading and learning for life. Every lesson ends with a new book to your growing collection.


The program is delivered in a combined shared and guided reading approach:




Education sound




Reading levels:





  • Build up sight words
  • Increase reading fluency
  • Spelling and Vocabulary development
  • Writing skills (including grammar and punctuation)




The program has been developed by a highly experienced team of educational teachers, writers and developers. The InInTown Reading Program focuses on a core reading curriculum of phonics and sight words using skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success.






  • Early Reader​
  • Lower Primary
  • Upper Primary


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